BEST VEGAN FOOD IN L.A., hands down…

They are doing it, for real people, over at Susan Feniger’s STREET, and I’m not just saying that cos i know the chefs. They are REALLY making the best vegan food in Los Angeles and they aren’t even a vegan restaurant. They recently underwent a menu change, making it more veggie/vegan friendly than with past menus, cut portion size so it’s more tapas style now, and lowered the price point a bit. The food is awesome, to say the least. it’s flavorful, mouth-watering, delicious, complex, perfectly seasoned, nicely spiced, and most importantly..not your typical familiar dishes veganized. Last October they did an all veggie night called Herbivore Like Never Before, which sold out. I think it opened their eyes to a new crowd and new ingredients. and that is SO good for every veggie in this town (or visiting this town) cos now you can go in any night of the week and get about 20 things. i’ve never tasted vegenaise used so well!

I went with my fave food loving homies, Ed and Deanna Templeton, a few nights ago to try it. “Why hasn’t Quarrygirl been here to try this new stuff?” we were thinking. She needs to get on it! This would BLOW HER MIND!  Now, I’m a fan of tofurkey reubens and orange “chicken” and tempeh and all that.. I love RFD and Flore and M cafe and Madeleine Bistro, BUT this food is sooo not that food. it’s all crazy stuff i’ve never heard of, flavors i’ve never tasted, and stuff you can’t get anywhere else. We ate so much. We were so happy and full when we left. Here are the highlights…click on pictures for descriptions. we can not wait to go back.

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